I don't know how you work as a guy, but I'm way better with hands on learning than reading a manual.  So I love to either call Garmin's customer service or talk to other Garmin experts about the questions I have about my units.  I learned so much from talking to Bob and Mark (two Garmin experts at the show).  Here's a couple of quick details that may help you as you master your Garmins:

1.  Biggest way to save your battery with your units is to turn down the backlight.  The backlight is the culprit for a drained battery.

2.  Using Quickdraw to map new water or to cross check the mapping software you have is super easy. You can insert an SD card and record all the data too!

3.  My Garmin's are the best technology on the market!

4.  Panoptix is super easy to use.  You can point your panoptix straight down and use it to vertical jig or drop shot with!

What I love to do is write down all the questions that I have and have the experts show me how to better use these incredible instruments.  Garmin's customer service is also excellent so you don't have to wait til next year to get your questions answered - just give them a call!