All the above pics were new experiences/techniques that we applied in 2016!

I like to write something about what I've been thinking about as I prepare to go to a fishing show like the one that's happening this weekend.  A little preparation and thinking before you go could make a huge difference in what you take away from the show.  Here are a couple of quick thoughts to consider before you go:

1.  Check out which seminar speakers you want to go and learn from.  Last year (and this year) we want to learn as much as we can about fishing the Detroit River (our nemesis).  So our plan is to check out Lance Valentine's Detroit River Seminar (  Even if you've heard Lance before, you might be able to glean a few nuggets from listening to him again.  Well worth the time!

2.  After checking out Lance's seminar, you're going to need the right stuff to fish the river.  Head over to Old Fart Lures booth and check out the finest jigheads on the market!  Carl has some new designs this year that will ensure more hook ups on the river.  What sets OFL's jigs apart from all other are craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, and the custom nature of all that Carl does with all of his creations (  Get over to Old Fart Lures early to get the best selection of both river jigs as well as tons of bass jigs and walleye casting jigs.

3.  If you're planning a destination fishing trip in the future, begin your research this weekend.  I don't have a lot to offer you in the way of advice here, but what I would say is maybe narrow down an area or a species that you want to target before you get to the show.  This will help focus your search at the show, making a daunting task a little more doable.  

4.  Make this the year you make tons of progress in learning how to fish for a specific kind of fish or learn a technique you've never used before.  The show could be a great place to book a guide that could help you move to the next level in your fishing pursuit.  I would love to offer my services toward that goal - www.nofishleftbehindmichigan and for more information about what we do.  Again, before you hit the show, think through your budget and what your goals for 2017 are and move in that direction at the show!

Hope you have a great time!  I'll be there to help the MSU Fishing Club and Okuma on Friday and Old Fart Lures on Saturday.  Love to connect with you there!