Fished the Detroit River yesterday.  Water temps just cracking the 40 degree mark (40.45 on the Garmin).  Got a huge help from our friend, Mitch (I owe you, man!).  He pointed us in the right direction to find cleaner water and willing biters.  Early was key - we planned on being out at 6am (ended up fishing by 6:40).  Wind was blowing 20mph into our faces and the current was moving steadily the opposite direction.  

Keys for the day were staying vertical.  Needed 1oz Old Fart Lures Ultimate walleye jig (beautiful, aerodynamic design).  Best color was Carl's Antifreeze creation.  We found the worm to be the most effective plastic - our go to was the Charlie Brewer 4in. straight tail worm (what is known as the original slider worm).  Magical color was watermelon/red/black/gold.

We thought we left the river with a three man limit, only to find our livewell with 14 when we got back to the house.  We caught the perfect eaters: 16-20 inch males.  It seemed like the more we moved away from the zoo, the more fish we found.  Bite was really over by 10am. We found it super helpful to tie a 3 foot fluoro leader (Gamma 10lb Edge).  Leader out fished tying straight to braid 5:1.  Oh ya, one more thing. Buy minnows and make sure you have stingers.  Most of our fish were caught on stingers.