We had trips on Houghton Lake May 14-16 and the fishing was pretty fantastic.  Gills on cranks and plastics, walleyes on plastics, bass and pike chomping everything.  We found more walleyes up shallow in 3-5 fow on sand this spring.  We have moved the Charlie Brewer Slider Grub into our hall of fame.  This plastic has become such a consistent fish catcher.  Everything eats them, making them a great search bait on Houghton and Leelanau.  

We fished a lot of 55-63 degree water temperature.  The general movement of the fish seems to be the first breaks and as the water and season moves along, the fish move out to the weed humps and off shore weed points and turns.

The panfish make the same moves.  We found gills and crappies up shallow in the beginning of the season and as we finished our spring season on Houghton, we found lots of quality fish in the same areas where the walleyes were - off shore humps and weed points.

Houghton continues to impress us as a fishery.  Can't wait to fish it again next spring!