Been fishing local over the last couple of weeks.  Water temps in the low 40's (42-45 degrees).  Everything has been biting.  Using both Rapala x-raps and Charlie Brewer Slider 3" grubs, we have been catching some monster crappies (biggest just shy of 16").  We let all of these fish go with the hopes that they will have a great spawn and create an even better crappie fishery!

Here's the dets on how we fish them:  1/16 oz Old Fart Lures jighead + 3" Slider Grub (green pumpkin black tail) + Gamma Torque 10/2 + Gamma Edge 8lb fluoro leader.

James Lindner from Angling Edge shared a tip a couple years ago about using super bright X-raps for early season bass.  We tied some on and left long pauses in between jerks and we caught some beauties!

Hope this helps you as you get out this weekend!  Warmer weather should get the fish to hear how you do!