Just joined Garmin's Pro Staff in 2016.  This company not only has the kind of character and values that you'll want backing a product, but they also have the best technology out there!  Check out their panoptix technology at www.garmin.com/panoptix and more about the GPSMap series at www.garmin.com.  I have been researching electronics for probably the better part of a year now and I'm convinced that Garmin is tops!  Then I had a chance to use the product in an MWT tournament where I fished on a friend's boat - and seeing was believing!  We finished 2nd in the tournament and a lot of it came down to electronics.  These products will help make the underwater world come alive, helping you to see how important structure is to finding and catching fish.  More to come!

One season under my belt and I'm convinced this is the best on the market.  Clarity is incredible!  Their mapping software is outstanding - I saw more on Lake George in New York than I have in the past 5 years combined.  The Quickdraw feature is another awesome commendable feature.  I have been able to map lakes that aren't on the Garmin Lakevu HD Ultra card, and that is a huge asset.  We credit our Garmin with all our sucess with off shore structure - including all the beautiful lake trout we caught this past summer!  Can't wait to grow in my garmin skills over the winter and be ready to leverage even more in 2017!