Interesting name, amazing lures.

Interesting name, amazing lures.

Old Fart Lures

It's not easy to find quality jigs.  There's a lot of stuff out there that is just kind of thrown together - mass produced, low quality.  A friend of mine introduced me to Carl who is the owner of Old Fart Lures and he is a true craftsman.   We designed a jighead together that incorporates everything I was looking for:  A super high quality, big, wide gap hook - Mustad 4/0.  Every jighead is hand poured using quality lead.  Then it is powder coated making the paint virtually indestructible.  He then cleans every eye (which is huge when you're hands are bone chilled and you're retying a jig on) and you are left with the perfect jig for throwing plastics to walleyes, bass, crappies, etc.  He pours them in 1/8 and 1/4 all the way up to 1 oz. for fishing the Detroit River.

His walleye jigs have proven themselves.  He started pouring me a jig for deep water Lake Trout - we crushed 'em on these jigs.

He's not only designed quality jigheads for walleyes, he's also got an entire line of skirted jigs for bass - again - out of this world quality.

I'm proud to represent Old Fart as part of their pro staff.  Go to and purchase these products for yourself!